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Hog & Beef Roasts by Great Tasting . . .

Pig Roasts

Our locally reared pigs are oven roasted so they remain succulent and juicy.

Cooked for approximately 7 hours, you can be sure these surpass your average spit roast pigs.

The difference with our pigs being oven roasted, is that they retain all their natural juices.

We provide home-made apple sauce, sage & onion stuffing, 150 bread rolls, 2.5 hours carving time, and one of our friendly chefs.

We provide lunches for some of the biggest blue chip companies, the smallest enterprises and members of the public.

Whether it be for a wedding, business meeting, birthday celebration or funeral you can either order on-line or download our latest menu.

Beef Roasts

We can provide whole tops of beef which again are oven cooked and are provided with approximately 130 bread rolls, horseradish sauce, English mustard and 2.5 hours carving time.

This can also be served as part of a plated meal.

Why not add some salads from £3.00 per person.


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